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GoBrunch: The Future of Online Meetings and Webinars $79

Gobrunch Reviews – What is GoBrunch?

GoBrunch is a web-based virtual events platform designed for webinars, virtual classrooms, business meetings and large conferences. It offers customizable virtual spaces, interactive tools like live polls and QandA sessions, and recording and playback features. GoBrunch emphasizes ease of use, engagement and community building, making it a versatile choice for a variety of online events.

Key Features of GoBrunch:

1: Virtual Rooms and Customization:

GoBrunch offers a variety of virtual rooms that can be customized to fit the needs of different types of events. Each room can be personalized with logos, banners, and layouts to enhance branding and user experience.

2: Interactive Tools:

The platform includes interactive tools such as live polls, Q&A sessions, and breakout rooms. These tools are designed to foster engagement and interaction among participants, making sessions more dynamic and participative.

3: No Downloads Required:

Unlike many other virtual event platforms, GoBrunch operates entirely in the browser, eliminating the need for participants to download software. This feature enhances accessibility and ease of use.

  1. Versatile Usage:

GoBrunch is suitable for a wide range of applications, including corporate meetings, educational webinars, training sessions, workshops, and networking events. Its flexibility allows organizers to tailor the platform to various formats and audiences.

  1. Recording and Playback:

Events can be recorded and made available for playback, enabling participants to revisit sessions or catch up on missed content. This feature is particularly useful for training and educational purposes.

  1. Analytics and Reporting:

Organizers have access to detailed analytics and reports, providing insights into participant engagement, attendance, and interaction levels. These analytics are crucial for measuring the success of events and making data-driven decisions for future improvements.

  1. Community Building:

GoBrunch places a strong emphasis on community building, offering features such as attendee profiles, networking lounges, and virtual tables. These elements help create a sense of community and facilitate connections among participants.

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Detailed Feature Overview

GoBrunch is packed with features designed to engage users. Here is a more detailed layout:

Rooms and Rooms

  • Create unlimited rooms and rooms for everyone
  • Customize with logos, images, text and layouts
  • Set the number of participants per room
  • Make rooms public or private

Audio and video

  • HD video quality
  • Enable/disable participant microphones and cameras
  • Mute all or individual participants
  • Share screen with audio

Engagement tools

  • QandA and polls
  • Hands up
  • Custom emoticons
  • Virtual seating circles

Upload content

  • Share slides, videos, documents and more
  • MP4 videos for 24/7 asynchronous viewing
  • Download Miros, PDFs, audio files

Group rooms

  • Create simultaneous sessions
  • Assign unique hosts per room
  • Allow attendees to browse and join

Recording and analytics

  • Cloud storage with downloadable MP4
  • Detailed attendance analysis
  • Record videos for 6 months


  • Add logo and branding images
  • Customizable backgrounds
  • Choose custom layout
  • Customize navigation

Integrations and API

  • Zapier connects your workflow apps
  • Registration and login API
  • Embeddable iframes

GoBrunch lets you create a custom virtual venue that matches your brand. Between extensive controls, engaged users, and reliable infrastructure, it’s very good.

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  • Ease of Use: The platform’s intuitive design makes it easy for both organizers and participants to navigate and use.
  • Engagement: With a range of interactive features, GoBrunch helps keep participants engaged and active throughout events.
  • Customization: High level of customization allows for branded and personalized event experiences.
  • Scalability: Suitable for small meetings as well as large conferences, accommodating various event sizes and types.


  • Corporate Events: Ideal for team meetings, corporate training, and large-scale conferences.
  • Education: Widely used for virtual classrooms, webinars, and workshops.
  • Community Events: Facilitates networking events, community gatherings, and social meetups.

Best Use For

GoBrunch works well with:

  • webinars
  • online courses
  • hybrid events
  • virtual webinars
  • digital offices and collaboration
  • client consultations
  • team meetings and workshops
  • community meetings

When you host live networking sessions, trainings or events, GoBrunch can elevate them to a level of engagement and impact.

The platform is intuitive enough for solopreneurs, but it also scales smoothly for larger groups.

Gobrunch Alternatives

  • ON24
  • Zoom

Pros and cons

Let’s summarize the main pros and cons:

GoBrunch has lots of Pros (+):

  • Drives true engagement
  • Great branding options
  • Strong content capabilities
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Targeted at individual businesses
  • Zapier connections
  • API extensibility

GoBrunch has some cons (-):

  • May seem overwhelming at first
  • iOS app needs development
  • Steeper learning curve than regular webinars

The benefits clearly outweigh any limitations. GoBrunch offers incredible value, especially with one-time offers from AppSumo.

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Gobrunch Pricing

GoBrunch offers AppSumo lifetime deals for all subscription levels:

Appsumo Gobrunch Level 1 – $79

  • 200 participants
  • 40 GB video storage
  • 8 hosts per event
  • 2 GB content storage

Appsumo Gobrunch Level 2 – $169

  • 400 participants
  • 80 GB video storage
  • 16 organizers per event
  • 5 GB content storage
  • 35 sub-accounts

Appsumo Gobrunch Level 3 – $239

  • 600 participants
  • 120 GB video storage
  • Unlimited organizers
  • 10 GB content storage space
  • 50 sub-accounts

These are exclusive limited-time offers that unlock GoBrunch’s premium features for one payment. Worth catching!

Gobrunch Lifetime Deal $79

Final Verdict

GoBrunch is a web-based virtual event platform ideal for webinars, classrooms, meetings and conferences. It has customizable rooms, interactive tools and storage capabilities. Emphasizing ease of use and dedication, GoBrunch is suitable for conducting a variety of online events, from business meetings to training events.

GoBrunch FAQ


Q1: What is GoBrunch?

GoBrunch is a web-based virtual event platform designed for webinars, virtual classrooms, corporate meetings, training and large conferences.


Q2: Do I need to download any software to use GoBrunch?

No, GoBrunch runs entirely in your browser, so no download is necessary.


Q3: Can I customize my virtual room in GoBrunch?

Yes, GoBrunch allows for extensive customization of virtual rooms, including adding logos, banners and layouts according to your brand.


Q4: What interactive features does GoBrunch offer?

GoBrunch features live polls, QandA sessions, group rooms and other tools designed to increase participation and interaction.


Q5: Can I save my event to GoBrunch?

Yes, you can record and replay your events, which is useful for training, education and learning about frozen sessions.


Q6: Does GoBrunch offer analytics and reports?

Yes, GoBrunch provides detailed analytics and reports on attendee engagement, attendance and interaction. People also scarch gobrunch vs zoom, compare this tool for useful for everyone.



Q7: Is GoBrunch suitable for large conferences?

Yes, GoBrunch is scalable and can host events of various sizes, from small gatherings to large conferences.


Q8: How does GoBrunch facilitate networking and community building?

GoBrunch includes features such as attendee profiles, webinars, and virtual whiteboards that allow attendees to connect and network effectively.


Q9: What events can I host at GoBrunch?

GoBrunch lets you host a variety of events, including corporate meetings, training sessions, webinars, virtual classrooms, workshops, online events, and community gatherings.


Q10: How user-friendly is GoBrunch?

Gobrunch login is designed with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for both organizers and attendees to navigate and use.


Q11: Can I use GoBrunch for educational purposes?

Yes, GoBrunch is widely used in virtual classrooms, educational webinars and workshops because of its interactive and engaging features.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions in your mind. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to explain everything to you.

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